Monday, October 26, 2015

Designing your child’s room: toddler to teen

Designing a child’s room can seem like a daunting task that comes with a hefty price tag. Add in the belief that a child’s room needs to re-done every few years as they grow and their tastes change, and this task goes from daunting to discouraging. But it doesn’t have to be!

First and foremost, think long term.

The design should incorporate elements and furniture that can grow with your child through their years, carrying them from childhood to tweens to their teen years. Don’t get carried away with a character themed room; think more generic with colour choices and include small, replaceable (read: economical) objects to incorporate their latest character or trend obsessions.

In each of the tween rooms that I recently worked on I created reading zones. A chair and pink puff will be ideal for entertaining friends when that time comes; but for now, we’ve added a faux sheep skin to make it the ideal spot for her curl up with a favourite book and drift off into fantasy land. I also added in a great reading light. 

In the boy’s room, I wanted to add a zone where he could read, play games, hang out with friends, and act as an extra sleeping spot for guests (pending their age and size). This lounge chair was the perfect fit and durability for a child. It provides a relaxing spot to kick back with his feet up, for reading alone, or for curling up with a parent. This chair’s purpose can be transformed as he grows up, and might even move out with him.

Storage for kids is key. They have so many little toys, gadgets and books that it’s great to be able to stow them away so the floor doesn’t become a clutter zone. In the girl’s room I chose chest storage with pull out bins and doors. This is another piece that is really timeless. You can fancy it up in the early years to be a dress-up station, while in later years it can be used for clothing storage, art supplies and more.

The bed I selected for the boy’s room has a desk under it and tons of storage. There is open shelving where we added in bins for toys and books – and a side closet that can be used for clothing or more toys.

Play with textures and colours – don’t get stuck on the traditional child’s room. Allow smaller accessories to be the themed items so they can easily be changed and updated as your child grows. Patterned baskets allow for quick clean-ups and add some fashionable elements to the space. Fun pillows and throws are budget friendly and can transform the design and mood within seconds. For instance, in the girl’s room I chose bedding from an adult line, feminine by not childish. Also, going with the double size instead of twin means the bedding doesn’t have to be changed when she’s ready for a bigger bed.

For the boy’s room, I chose to work with a light grey paint , knowing that this room will need to age well and be cool for many years to come. The natural grey is a colour that allows the room to feel warm but is not the focal point in the room. Using a lighter colour on the walls allows the pieces within to standout. As he grows and refines his tastes, these grey walls will coordinate with future room modifications.

I love to bring colour and life into a child’s room through artwork; it’s an easy way to update and refresh any space. It also adds a personal touch by including drawings and artwork created by the room owner. For kids who love to draw or paint, having a home for their masterpieces, and one that can be updated at whim, adds a touch of their own personality to their room.

Have fun shopping and creating the ideal child’s room for now and the future. This is the space where your child will dream, read, dress and grow, so go ahead and enjoy designing this space for them.

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